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Research is our best investment

thanks to ongoing research

we are able to listen to our customers' requirements

and respond to their needs.

By interacting with the market we have learned how to perfect our products

and tailor them to the specific uses they have been designed for.

Berkem has two in-house analysis laboratories, highly specialised and technologically advanced, dedicated to research and development of new processes, product quality control and customer technical support. We also provide an accurate analysis service for any plating process.

The Berkem laboratories regularly perform the following analyses:

Chemical analysis of metals in solution by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS)
This analysis determines the presence of metals, also in trace form, in the plating solutions. It is regularly used for quality control and for customer plating process technical support analyses.

Chemical analysis by UV-VIS Spectrometry
Allows the determination of chemical substances that absorb radiations in the range 200 - 900 nm. This analytical technique is generally used for quantitative analysis of the pigments in cataphoretic paint and in other substances with "coloured" characteristics in the liquid state.

Spectrometric colour analysis
This spectrophotometric analysis allows identification of the colour of a galvanic deposit by means of CieLab spatial numerical coordinates. In this way the colour can be measured, analysed and repeated according to customer needs.

Analysis of galvanic deposit resistance
Analysis used to define the hardness and resistance to abrasion of galvanic deposits and cataphoretic paints.

Volumetric, potentiometric and pH chemical analyses
Inorganic compounds and pH values of plating solutions are quantitatively determined by specific instruments and certified procedures.

Electrochemical analysis of galvanic deposits
It establishes the performances of a bath, analysing the quantities of metal alloy deposited in the unit of time and determining the concentrations of the brightener additives in the plating solutions.

Berkem works with universities and certified external laboratories for special analyses:

  • heavy metal release test.
  • salt fog corrosion resistance tests.
  • instrumental determination of galvanic deposit thicknesses and determination of hardness by microdurometers also on thicknesses of less than 1 micron.